R and ArrayFire library via Rcpp.


In order to use RcppArrayFire you will need R including development tools and Rcpp. On a Debian based or derived system, this can be achieved with:

sudo apt-get install r-base-dev r-cran-rcpp 

In principle ArrayFire has been packaged for Debian. However, the CUDA backend is not included and usage of the packaged OpenCL backend is hindered by a bug in the clBLAS package. For serious usage it is currently better to build from source or use the binary installer from ArrayFire. See the ArrayFire documentation for details.


RcppArrayFire is not on CRAN, but you can install the current version via drat:

if (!requireNamespace("drat", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("drat")

RcppArrayFire uses the unified backend of ArrayFire. If you have installed ArrayFire in a non-standard directory, you can use the configure argument --with-arrayfire:

install.packages("RcppArrayFire", configure.args = "--with-arrayfire=/opt/arrayfire-3")

Trademark notice

RcppArrayFire is not affiliated with or endorsed by ArrayFire. The ArrayFire literal mark is used under a limited license granted by ArrayFire the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.


RcppArrayFire is based on RcppFire and is under development.


Kazuki Fukui and Ralf Stubner


GPL (>= 2)